More Than Just A Historic Landmark

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Celebrating 120 Years

On April 22, 2021, the Friends celebrated the 120th anniversary of the Geneva Office Building with a physically distanced rally.

The Past is the Future

Built at a time when streetcars were drawn by horses, the Geneva Office Building and Powerhouse began serving San Francisco’s first electrified streetcar line in 1901. It survived the devastating 1906 earthquake, and was critical to the city’s transportation system until the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake knocked it out of commission.

Since 2002, the non-profit Friends of the Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse has been a dogged advocate for the historic landmark and its future use as a community center. Its members had a vision for the unused facility at the corner of San Jose and Geneva avenues, the very heart of a diverse neighborhood filled with families and youth.

The Friends brought millions of dollars of services to the city in preparation of its renovation and future utilization by working with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, local organizations, civic leaders, and private individuals.

In 2018, the first major step in the transformation began with the renovation of the Geneva Powerhouse.

The Friends are eager to complete the transformation of this historic landmark into a vibrant home for community, art, learning, job training, and more.

The year 2021, the Geneva Office Building’s 120th anniversary year, will be spent advocating the for the second phase of the renovation.

About the Friends

Who We Are

The Friends of the Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2002 by residents of the south central neighborhoods of San Francisco for one purpose: the restoration and activation the historic Geneva Office Building and Powerhouse.

Mission and Vision

The Friends are dedicated to advocating for the full restoration of the building and high-quality programming thereafter.

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